size: 249 kB
Sebesen (2001):
This interface uses the keyboard as a piano keyboard to play music on basis of text data. This application is created as a musical instrument and makes part of a music album. Its aim is to enable the listener to be actively taken in the process of creation together with the author. The text (in a form of poetry) used in the application is in Czech, otherwise it would change the number of letters and thus the number of sound tracks. Free translation of the text: The dream of landscape silence the word is flowing.
The controlling of the SEBESEN is on the keyboard. Letters used in the pictured text (snem ticha krajin slova plynou) switch the sound on and off. If the sound is being played, the letter is black; if the sound is off, the letter is gray. Each word equals one track. The individual tracks can be played by the Backspace key.